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To reduce adolescent stress that can exacerbate depression and anxiety, we integrate art projects, nutrition, movement, breath work, mindfulness, community engagement, and outlets for expression into our programming, while creating space for healthy peer connections. Facilitators and guest speakers discuss topics such as positive body image, social media awareness, food justice, connection to nature, and the importance of implementing self-care habits into daily life.

Social-Emotional Learning


Program Overview

We acknowledge that harmful gender stereotypes have created skill gaps for people socialized as girls. We aim to break the cycle of conditioning girls, trans, and non binary youth to be quiet, docile “people pleasers,” by equipping them with the skills they need to:

  • Be confident in their skin

  • Advocate for themselves and others

  • Clearly articulate their needs and wants

  • Build a loyal and nurturing relationship with themselves

  • Work towards resilience

  • Participate as active members of their community

Each activity in our Empowerment Program helps youth build one skill. By the end of our program, youth will have a whole “toolkit” of skills to help them navigate adolescence and beyond.