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Scholarship & Program Fund

Make a difference and help send more youth to our empowering programs!

Your gift helps remove financial barriers to our programs.

Your Contribution Will Provide:

  • Scholarships that make our empowering programs accessible to any child who wants to attend

  • Program learning materials

  • Healthy lunch and snacks for program attendees

  • Offsets to program expenses 

By choosing a monthly, quarterly, or annual donation you are helping to provide stability for the growth of our organization.

Thank You for being part of our Empowerment Team! It takes all hands and hearts to create a just world where all youth are confident, resilient and resourceful.

"It's only the first day and I already feel super accepted" 

- TM, Age 15


"I feel empowered just being here!" 

- KT, Age 12


Empowerment 4 Girls (E4G) is a 501c3 Nonprofit Corporation. Donations made to E4G are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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