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Sustaining Donors

Join Our Mission and Help Us Empower More Youth!

Sustaining donors provide consistent support. Many people find it easier to commit to smaller monthly donations rather than large one-time contributions. 

Your Contribution Will Support:

  • Expansion of the E4G program schedule 

  • The E4G Scholarship Fund - $5,000 in scholarships already awarded in 2022!

  • E4G Facilitator Training Program to increase the number of qualified E4G program facilitators throughout Washington 

  • E4G’s new free early literacy program, Story Hour 2 Empower, to decrease high school dropout rates

  • The Empowerment Team Volunteer Program

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“The name says it all- "Empowerment 4 Girls!" This organization creates an inclusive, empowering, and safe environment where young women can come together to receive the tools that will help them make an impact on their communities & in their own lives. My daughter took part in their one day retreat. When she came home and shared all the activities and lessons she learned, I was truly blown away.

In my own adolescent years, I wish I had a safe place where I was taught about self-love, dignity and the power that we hold as humans. I wish I learned practical tools to make an impact for my community.”
~Joanne Kim, 2022


Empowerment 4 Girls (E4G) is a 501c3 Nonprofit Corporation. Donations made to E4G are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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