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Meet Our Program Facilitators


Lena Grover


I grew up in Portland, Oregon, and joined the Olympia community over a year ago. My passion for teaching with experiential and hands-on learning led me to earn a degree in Outdoor Education and Leadership from Central Wyoming College. Since then, I’ve worked in camp and outdoor settings for over five years, teaching young learners through creative and collaborative outlets like group activities, art, writing, and yoga.  

I am excited to work with Empowerment 4 Girls to mentor youth and provide them with a safe space to learn about mental, emotional, and physical health as they navigate toward becoming their empowered and authentic selves.

Sadie Ciccia-Strain


I grew up in Oak Harbor (on North Whidbey Island) and now live in Seattle. Working as an educator for the past decade, I've enjoyed laughing with and supporting young people. I got hooked on teaching sex ed when I co-created and taught a comprehensive sex ed class to 8th-grade students in New York while working for Americorps. This experience inspired me to enroll in the Sex Educator Certificate program at Antioch University. I am passionate about building community and one of the ways I do this is by running outdoor programs for youth in the Highline district through the non-profit, Y.E.T.I. My intention when working with youth is to help them build healthy relationships with themselves and with others. 


I can't wait to meet the E4G participants and help them grow! 


In addition to my work, I love dancing, hanging out with family, and making playlists for friends.


Areya Kugler


I am new to Olympia, and excited to be growing some strong roots in this wonderful community. I'm originally from Flagstaff, AZ, but moved to WA to attend WWU where I studied Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Sociology, and Political Science. From a young age, I have been extremely passionate about making sure youth are given tools to maneuver this world and society. While in high school, I founded Stage Buddies, an inclusive theater program designed to empower youth with disabilities, which continues in Flagstaff.


In my free time, I enjoy participating in community theater, baking, knitting, and curling up with a good book. 

Michele Drake Hyde


I grew up in Round Lake, New York and now live in Central Park. 


As a public school educator and President of Empowerment 4 Girls, I firmly believe in education as both empowerment and preventative healthcare. I am passionate about cultivating critical thinking, empathy, and communication skills for young people. In addition to serving youth in our community, I am a certified Fertility Awareness Educator and Sexual Health Educator. I believe body literacy is an inalienable right– that all youth should have access to accurate, unbiased information about their bodies so that they can make informed consent decisions about their own health.


Outside of teaching and creating empowering opportunities for youth, I love distance running, crocheting, and hanging out with my almost one-year-old daughter.

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