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Volunteer Application

We appreciate your interest in becoming a volunteer for Empowerment 4 Girls.

By completing a volunteer application, you will be entered into our database, and we may contact you for participation at our programs, fundraising and networking events, or to provide administrative support.

Everyone must agree to a Background Check to become a Volunteer for Empowerment 4 Girls.
We are required by WA State law RCW 43.43.834 to ask you to disclose the following information under the BACKGROUND CHECK section BELOW, as part of the background check process:

1. Have you been convicted of a crime?
  a) Have you had any had findings made against you in any civil adjudicative proceeding as defined in RCW 43.43.830?
  b) Have you had both a conviction under (a) of this subsection, and findings made against you under (b) of this subsection?

In obtaining this information from you, Empowerment 4 Girls is required by WA State law to notify you of the state patrol's response within ten days after receipt. Empowerment 4 Girls will provide a copy of the response to you. Empowerment 4 Girls will use this record only in making the initial engagement decision. Further dissemination or use of the record is prohibited, except as provided in RCW 28A.320.155. 

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