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Self Empowerment and Self Expression Medicinal Plant Workshop for July Empowerment Program!

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

From our Guest Presenter Teasha McCallum:

"What a beautiful and fun experience it was to custom create a Self Empowerment and Self Expression Medicinal Plant Workshop for @empowerment4girls summer camp. This non-profit is cultivating something so powerful, unique and special. The founder and board are deeply and excitingly passionate about sharing knowledge with our youth about equality, kindness, self care, self defense, self worth, self confidence, self expression, self love and all the great things in between. They research and seek out the best of the best professionals in a plethora of areas to present and put on workshops for these kids. These camps are really amazing week long, life coaching and healing retreats for our youth girls, non-binary and those who identify as a girl. Hearing first hand from many of the campers. “This is a really fancy camp”. I sat and listened to their closing circle after workshopping and on day two these kids were open, honest and ready to share how much they loved the whole day and how excited they were to come back the next day.

Together the kids and I explored self expression through plants and medicine making. We went through the steps to start creating plant relationships with four plants by observation and identification, listening with our mind, heart and body, introducing ourselves to the plants, making offerings to the plants, asking permission, receiving consent, touch, taste, smell and nature journaling and sketching. After connecting and creating relationships with each of the plants, we then created intentional bath salts with the plants and essential oils that resonated with us the most. We closed with sharing, and journaling our reflections and a fun movement game where we created shapes with our bodies that represented how we connected with the plants we met today. I left filled with Deep Love and Gratitude and look forward to teaching this workshop/class again."

Teasha McCallum is a passionate women ethnobotanist, herbalist and mycologist who focuses on medicinal preparation through her company, Nature’s Divine Botanica LLC, a Pacific Northwest Organic Skincare business. We offer organic, ethical, sustainably gathered and scientifically formulated efficacious skin care for non-binary, men and women. All our products are made with native plants indigenous to The Pacific Northwest that Teasha has organically grown or ethically gathered all over Washington state, dried and processed into potent medicinal oils to benefit ailments for healing and beauty. Teasha has taught medicinal preparation, wilderness first aid and wilderness survival skills to ages K-14 since 2013 and has offered plant walks and preparation to adults intermittently since 2015.

Teasha is offering her class called “Empowerment through Plant medicine and Preparation” WE will explore Self care and expression through creating an intentional healing bathing salt that is unique to the individual. We will tap into ourselves through observing, touching, smelling and test tasting plants and also through short creative writing, drawing, and learning how we can listen to our intuition and hear the plants call to us.

Instagram and Facebook = naturesdivinebotanica

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